Open Science - Compliance:

Through this form, the authors inform JPB Review about the manuscript's compliance with Open Science practices. The authors are requested to inform: (a) if the manuscript is a preprint and, if so, its location; (b) whether data, program codes and other materials underlying the text of the manuscript are properly cited and referenced; and (c) whether opening options are accepted in the peer-review process. Link: https://openaccessojs.com/ojs/index.php/JBReview/libraryFiles/downloadPublic/4

Structured abstract: Upon submission of their paper, authors MUST include, in the form of additional documentation, a structured abstract (maximum 250 words) of each paper in the same language that meets JPB REVIEW’s standard model .Please rank authors according to the level of their involvement and contribution to the manuscript.
Link: https://openaccessojs.com/ojs/index.php/JBReview/libraryFiles/downloadPublic/3


Biography of authors: Upon submission of the paper, a biography of all authors containing ORCID, name, title, institutional affiliation, city/country of origin and academic title MUST be submitted in the form of additional documentation according to model below:

Link: https://openaccessojs.com/ojs/index.php/JBReview/libraryFiles/downloadPublic/2