Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Control




Social Responsibility, Citizen Approach, Organizational Behavior, Sustainable Policies, Financial Control


Purpose:   The objective of the study was to determine the relationship between CSR and financial control; to achieve this, references were taken from different authors reviewing the state of the art with the purpose of an exhaustive understanding of the subject.


Methodology: The research was based on a quantitative approach, non-experimental, cross-sectional design and a sample of 60 private educational institutions. Data were collected through two instruments that counted with reliability and validity: the CSR instrument obtained a reliability of 0.824 and the financial control, a 0.821.


Conclusions: As a result, it was found that 96.7% of the promoters showed high social responsibility and financial control of the institutions in their charge. Likewise, a Spearman's Rho of 0.769 was obtained with a p= 0.000. It is concluded that there is a direct, significant and positive relationship between CSR and financial control; therefore, it was determined that educational institutions, under the supervision of the Local Educational Management Unit, improve their financial control.


Implications of the Research: The world is focused on how companies practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) due to the fact that economic activities, which each company exercises, affect society and the environment. 


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