Expert System to Guide Users of the Tourist Corridor of the Provinces of Jaen, San Ignacio and Utcubamba in Cajamarca, Peru




Expert System, Artificial Intelligence in Tourism, Knowledge base, Tourist Orientation, Tourism in Peru


Purpose:  Develop a rule-based expert system to guide the users of the tourist corridor of the provinces of Jaén, San Ignacio and Utcubamba (Peru).


Theoretical framework:  Hussein and Aqel (2015), developed a rule-based expert system in Jordan to choose the best tour package based on time, budget, and preferences. In Peru, Ramos and Valdivia (2017), proposed an expert system to promote tourism in the Lambayeque region.


Methodology:  To develop the system, the methodology of Nicolás Kemper was used. Tourism experts from the provinces participated in the development of the knowledge base. The evaluation was carried out with an expert different from those who prepared the aforementioned base.


Findings:  In the evaluation, the expert system and the human expert agreed on the recommendation of tourist attractions by 80%. Concluding that this system helps tourists in making decisions about which places to visit in the tourist corridor.


Contributions:  The system helps improve the dissemination of local tourist information. To develop the knowledge base, tourism resources were systematized. New variables can be incorporated into the knowledge base in order to obtain more personalized tourist recommendations.


Originality/value:  This research is innovative because there is no expert system to guide tourists who want to travel to these places; it has social relevance as it helps to boost the local economy.


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Author Biographies

Nilthon Arce Fernandez, Universidad Nacional de Jaén

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering.

Master in Administration with Mention in Business Management

Flabio Gutierrez, Universidad Nacional de Piura

Professor of the Mathematics Department.

Doctor of Mathematics

Eder Escobar Gómez, Universidad Nacional de Piura

Assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics.

Master of Science with Mention in Applied Mathematics.

Adán Díaz Ruiz, Universidad Nacional de Jaén

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Engineering.

Master of Science with a Mention in University Teaching and Educational Research.

José Piedra Tineo, Universidad Nacional de Jaén

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering.

Master in Public Management

Edwar Lujan Segura, Universidad Católica de Trujillo

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

Master in Systems Engineering.


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Arce Fernandez, N., Gutierrez, F., Escobar Gómez, E., Díaz Ruiz, A., Piedra Tineo, J., & Lujan Segura, E. (2022). Expert System to Guide Users of the Tourist Corridor of the Provinces of Jaen, San Ignacio and Utcubamba in Cajamarca, Peru. International Journal of Professional Business Review, 7(2), e0591.