Analyzing and measuring the long-term balance relationship between changes in government spending and real growth in Iraq for the period 1990 – 2018




Government Spending, Economic Growth, Real Economic



Purpose: The study Purpose to achieve to Study and analyze the reality of government spending and economic growth in Iraq through the real GDP index with and without oil.


Originality/value: The authors used the changes in government spending and real growth a panel cointegration analysis and Granger causality procedure to detect the dynamic relationships between the variables for the period 1990 – 2018.


Design/methodology/approach: Analyzing and measuring the impact of government spending on real economic growth with and without oil in the Iraqi economy.


Findings: The results of the joint integration test showed that there is no long-term and short-term balance relationship between the two variables government spending and real output with oil. While it showed the existence of a long and short-term balance relationship between the two variables government spending and the real output without oil.



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