Financing Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Role of Private Banks: an Exploratory Study in Dhi-Qar Province




Bank financing, Small and medium – sized enterprises, Private banks


Purpose: The research aims to shed light on the financing of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Dhi-Qar province and the role of private banks in that.


Theoretical framework: The theoretical framework of study focuses on the defining of (SMEs), the method of financing the (SMEs) which included the operating loans and investment loans, the obstacles to financing, and the factors of success and failure in SMEs also included in theoretical framework.


Design/methodology/approach: The study tool for the practical side was a questionnaire, and the study relied on the descriptive analytical approach, where the questionnaire was distributed (335) questionnaire on the owners of (SMEs) represented (Chamber of Commerce, The Business Federation, and the Chamber of Industry) and the number of questionnaires valid for analysis was (300) and the statistical program was used (SPSS.v.23), Research, Practical & Social implications:


Findings: The study reached the most important conclusions, including the inability of owners of (SMEs) to provide the required guarantees from private banks, and the weak ability to Submit the required financial statements for which the loan is granted, and the amount of loans granted by the banks is not compatible with the capital and operational needs of the owners of (SMEs).


Originality/value: Highlight in the necessity of finding a mechanism to financially support (SMEs) and urge banks and financial institutions to encourage them to support these enterprises.


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