The possibility of Applying International Accounting Standards in the Public Sector (IPSAS) in the Iraqi Government Accounting System: Exploratory Research for the Opinions of Accountants at the University of Al-Muthanna




IPSAS Standards, Government accounting System, Al-Muthanna University


Purpose: This paper aims to use such standards to contribute to strengthening the accounting profession at the global level and provides financial disclosure that is easy to understand, treat and deal with, and hold government officials accountable for its basis.


Theoretical Framework: Rapid developments in the field of information technology and the trend toward global trade relations imposed the use of new tools to address the government accounting system applied in Iraq to improve the quality of financial information. In addition, reducing the manipulation of public money and rationalize the state's economic policies.


Design/Methodology/Approach: To achieve the research objectives, a questionnaire was designed and Distributed to an intentional sample of accountants, whose number reached (60) accountants.


Findings: The findings show the importance of IPSAS standards in presenting financial reports to help accountants obtain them quickly and thus achieve the efficiency and effectiveness of accounting work, correcting and strengthening decisions and ensuring their effectiveness systems.


Research Practical& Social implication: The contribution of our paper relies on investigating the General Accounting System (IPSAS) in the government accounting system in the field through doing a survey of the opinions of specialists at the University of Al-Muthanna as a field for conducting research, as well as an indication of the adequacy of laws, legislation and principles that regulate government accounting to ensure good practice of ( IPSAS ) standards.


Implications/Originality/Value: the possibility of applying international accounting standards in the public sector to its accounting systems.


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