Work Stress, Contact Center, Economic Affectation, Stressors


Objective: The study seeks to determine the levels of work stress in the employees of a service company, describing the causes and their financial impact.


Theoretical Framework: The concepts of work stress defined as a general state of tension that triggers different emotional, cognitive, physiological and behavioral reactions are addressed, as well as some causing factors such as: Physical Environment, Job Demand, Knowing the tasks and interpersonal relationships.


Method: The study has a mixed approach, where qualitative categories were given quantitative management of the data, to find numerical evidence and be able to explain in more detail the presence of the event. The ILO-WHO Work Stress scale was used as an instrument, which was applied to 33 employees of a Contact Center company in the city of Manizales.


Results and Discussion: The results obtained revealed that work stress is below the limit of the intermediate stress range (81.09 / 90.02) and that due to Absenteeism and Turnover, the company has had costs of $43,995,586 COP according to approximate calculations.


Research Implications: The evidence from the study showed information that allows companies in the service sector to generate strategies for stress management and contribute to reducing costs due to absenteeism and turnover, the above could be used in other sectors or companies in the region.


Originality/Value: The value lies in contributing to the development of the state of the art on the subject and as a reference for future studies since the state of the art shows little research in Contact Center companies in Latin America, likewise for companies generating well-being strategies and the management of the stress.


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