Assessing the impact of EVFTA on Vietnam's textile and garment exports to the UK




UKVFTA, Export, Textile, Impact, Vietnam


Purpose: The study assesses the impact of the EVFTA on textile exports from Vietnam to the UK and provides some policy implications for Vietnam.


Originality/value: The study used the data of Vietnam's textile and garment exports to the UK in the period 2010 - 2019 and the data of countries' textile exports to the UK in 2019 to propose 3 export scenarios for Vietnam.


Design/methodology/approach: The study uses the SMART model combined with qualitative research methods to analyze and evaluate the positive and negative impacts of UKVFTA on Vietnam's textile and garment exports.


Findings: Research has shown the positive effects and limitations of UVK on textile exports from Vietnam to the UK. Since then, several short-term and long-term measures have been proposed to develop Vietnam's textile and garment industry.


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