A Study on Occupational Stress among Arts and Science College Faculties in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu





Faculties, Learning, Motivation, Occupational Stress, Work environment


Purpose:The goal of this research is to explore the occupational stress level of faculties working in Arts and Science College in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India. Teachers of any country are respectable and they are valuables to their country. Tomorrow’s nation is in the hands of the teachers who sculpt the students. Among all the profession in the world, there is a significant place for teaching profession. Recent days, teacher’s job is also like a managerial job as they play a multi-dimensional work commitment. In that case, the stress of the teacher’s can’t be avoided, but it can be nullified when they know how to control it.


Theoretical framework:The theoretical framework highlights the directions in carrying out the research. It shows the factors of occupational stress are independent variables and the facilities of Arts and Science colleges are dependent variables. The relationships between the variables are studied in this research.


Design/Methodology/Approach:The primary sources of the data are collected through personal interview and structured questionnaire and the statistical analysis is carried out through Percentage analysis, T-test and correlation.


Findings:From the study it is found that occupational stress of female faculties is high when compared with male teachers. The study shows the significant difference was observed among male and female faculties on occupational stress. The factors that cause occupational stress is also discussed in the study. A significant and positive correction is observed among the varieties of occupational stress.


Research, practical &  social  implications: The college management should look for some aid from psychologists to direct faculties freeing from their frustration and anger. College management can provide training and workshops which helps to enhance the skills of faculties and develop a rapport among co-workers. 


Originality/value:The variables of the studies are analysed and it shows the meaningful effect on the occupational stress of faculties. Then the research is concluded with the certainty that occupational stress of the facilities is nullified and the performance will be increased.


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