Pre-investment perception of investors’ towards security market in indian context




Security market, Pre-investment, Investors, Risks, Perceive of investors, Awareness of investors


Purpose: The security market comprises the buy and sell of the securities based on the demand. The security markets instruments comprise debt, equity, hybrid securities, and derivatives.


Theoretical framework:The investors perceive the adoption of the security market as necessary to examine the pre-investment in the security market.


Design/methodology/approach: With the implementation and incorporation of security features, the performance of the security market is improved.


Research, Practical &  Social  implications:The analysis is based on the Indian security market scenario through data collection from 300 respondents. The data were collected through primary data collection in quantitative and qualitative approaches.


Findings:The examination is based on the evaluation of the framed hypothesis based on the demographic profile of the investors in the security market.


Originality/value: The findings concluded that the risk associated with the security investments was subjected to security risk.



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