Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and its Impact on Corporate Profitability: A Comparative Analysis Between Public and Private Sector Companies in Odisha




Corporate Social Responsibly, Profitability Performance, CSR Practices, Public Sector Companies, Private Sector Companies


Purpose: Corporate social responsibility is commonly called social responsibility of business. CSR acts as corporate driver through which business organization makes sustainable development of the society. This study aims to investigate a comparative study on CSR practice and its impact on profitability performance between selected public and private companies operating in Odisha region.


Theoretical framework: The study is based on comparative analysis on CSR practice undertaken by public and private sector companies operating in Odisha after introduction of new Companies Act 2013. Researcher aims to analyze the co-variance between CSR practices and corporate profitability performance in regard to evaluating the impact of stakeholders’ perception.


Design/Methodology/Approach: Researchers have selected this theme of research after extensive study of review of literature. For achievement of objective of research, researcher has adopted purposive sampling method for selecting corporate sectors who are involved in CSR obligations. Twenty companies were selected (10 from public sector and 10 from private sector) whose commercial operation in state of Odisha region. These companies are engaged in power, steel, oil, metal, coal, cement, paper, fertilizers, etc. The investigation is based on secondary data. Data have been collected from the annual reports and business responsibility reports of selected corporate entities. Descriptive statistical tools (Mean, S.D, Variance, Standard error of mean, Skewness, Co-efficient of variation, etc) have been used.


Findings: The end outcome of this research study reveals that CSR expenditure of private sector companies is more than public sector in odisha while public sector are more stable and consistent towards CSR expenditure over private sector companies. It is also observed that CSR practice of private sector companies extremely significant over the public sector companies towards socio economic development of the state. There is no association between budgeted and actual CSR expenditure.


Research, Practical and Social implications: The study of CSR practice is a vibrant issue since many years back for sustainable development. This research is of value to the researcher and practitioners of corporate social responsibility. The research study I hope immensely helpful in guiding, regulating, and adapting CSR practice of both public and private sector companies as per new provision of Companies Act of Government of India.


Originality/Value: The present research study CSR practices and its impact on corporate profitability have a notable global importance for the well being of society. Adequate integration between the corporate entities and the society is essential for the development and growth which enables the society to be sustainable.


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