The Impact of Electronic Banking Services on Customer Satisfaction: The Case of Iraqi Banks




Electronic Banking, Customers’ Satisfaction, Reliability, Responsiveness, Safety


Purpose:  The main objective of this paper is to study the impact of electronic banking on customer satisfaction.


Theoretical framework: This study is among the rare studies who tried to analyse the impact of electronic banking practices on the relationship between banks and their customers. All previous studies have analyzed the quality of banking services in general, although part of themfocused on the quality of banking services in different countries and the impact of this quality on improving the performance of banks, as well as identifying the level of services provided and the most important elements that customers rely on to judge the quality of these banking services


Design/methodology/approach:  On the basis of a survey covering 165 Iraqi Banks customers, we found that electronic banking consists one of the main determinants of customers satisfaction. Meanwhile, results have shown that for all electronic banking factors   A five-point Likert scale was used to judge each item of the questionnaire,


Findings:  The results were analyzed statistically, as the results of the statistical analysis of the data showed the existence of a significant relationship between electronic banking services and customer satisfaction, measured by all indicators affecting the quality of these tangible services, reliability, responsiveness, and safety. , empathy, and that there is a positive moral impact of electronic banking services on customer satisfaction.


Research, Practical & Social implications:  This research provides many implications and proposaql for Iraqi banks to improve their customer satisfaction and therefore their performance. In fact, the stdy shows that when using these services widely, they will lead to an increase in the custumers satisfaction. Also, the linear regression analysis showed a positive significant effect of the independent variable (electronic banking services) on the dependent variable customer satisfaction as measured by all indicators of previous quality. This supports the second hypothesis of the study.


Originality/value: The value of the study consists of the use of qualitative data (Survey) to carry out regressions to identify the main leading factors of customers’ satisfaction.


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