Article Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Brand Awareness: An Interface in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Brand Awareness, Brand Recognition, Sustainable Environment


Purpose: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is defined as the continuing commitment by businesses to contribute to economic development while upholding ethical codes and improving the quality of life in the community and society at large. It broke down corporate social responsibility (CSR) into four parts: economic, legal, ethical, and charity. He did this so that CSR could become a real business practice.


Design/Methodology/Approach: This study is undertaken on 548 sample customers residing in Saudi Arabia for investigating their viewpoints towards the CSR activities carried out by the companies for examining the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Brand Awareness. The researchers adopted the Pearson’s Correlation, Simple Regression and Structural Equation Modeling techniques in order to measure the impact of CSR activities on Brand Awareness.


Findings: The outcomes of the study revealed that there is a positive perception of customers towards CSR activities carried out by the companies and the results of structural equation modelling portray that Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Brand Awareness are positively associated. Thus, we can conclude that CSR activities conducted by the companies are the commendable initiatives since in this today’s era of sustainable environment customers are not only worried about the price and quality aspect of the products/services even they are more possessive regarding what the corporate houses are taking the necessary steps for the betterment of the society and the nation at large.


Research, Practical & Social implications: The outcome of the study will throw new light on the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Corporate Brand Awareness and also facilitate future research endeavors on CSR. As a matter of fact, the CSR activities implemented by the companies offer a better brand recognition, resulting in greater brand awareness among customers and the society at large.


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