Pedagogical Leadership in the Educational Management of Peruvian Educational Institutions




Pedagogical Leadership, Management, Education, Teacher, Process


Purpose:  determine the relationship of pedagogical leadership and educational management considering a primary level educational institution.


Theoretical framework:  The literature has reported good findings on pedagogical leadership independently from educational management, which is one of the reasons why it was decided to investigate both categories.


Design/methodology/approach: Under an exploratory and basic study, with a qualitative, relational approach, the bibliographic analysis was performed, using a documentary guide.


Findings: After reviewing and analyzing the articles published in Scopus and other academic platforms, it was shown that pedagogical leadership and educational management maintain a very significant relationship, since by having certain skills of managers, teachers and administrative staff, educational management will be adequate, allowing to improve the results in educational institutions.


Research, Practical & Social implications: It is suggested that researchers study pedagogical leadership and educational management together, using a mixed survey and interview approach.  


Originality/value: It was found that as long as the authorities of the educational entities exercise pedagogical leadership in each of the administrative and academic activities, there will be a better teamwork that will allow achieving institutional goals through efficient educational management.


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