Marketing Mix Influence on Consumer Buying Behavior: A Case Study on the Cosmetics Industry




Marketing Mix, Consumer Buying Behavior, Cosmetics Industry


Purpose: This purpose of this manuscript is to study the effect of marketing mix on consumer purchasing behaviour in the context of the Malaysian cosmetics sector.


Theoretical framework: The conceptual model for this study was developed based on previous research in the field of consumer behaviour and marketing globally. The conceptual model has four variables that affects consumer purchasing behaviour


Design/methodology/approach: A survey instrument in the form of a structured questionnaire was designed based on a careful review of pertinent literature. This study collected empirical data from 240 respondents of cosmetic customers. Multiple regression is used to test the significance of the research model.


Findings: Promotion and location are significant predictors of consumer behaviour. Promotion and location have a substantial impact on customer purchase behaviour in the local cosmetics business, although goods and price have no significance effect


Research, Practical & Social implications:The implication drawn from this study aids marketing managers to focus their resource on the key variables that consumer buying behaviour.


Originality/value: This study contributes information to the academia and practitioners on marketing factors that can improve the sales performance and give the organization a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


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