A Perspective of Digital Marketing in Rural Areas: a Literature Review





Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Agricultural Marketing, Sustainability, Agriculture Sustainability, New Media, Rural Marketing


Purpose: The aim of this study is to find users who are willing to use digital marketing over traditional marketing.


Theoretical framework: The article is portraited various research which includes quantitative, and qualitative analyses and case studies available in various databases like a web of science, Scopus is illustrated for a better understanding of the topic


Design/methodology/approach:  This paper wants to find out what makes people want to use digital marketing tools for further study. According to the author's previous research, factors that affect digital marketing are attitude, trust, adaptation, value, and quality. According to the author's analysis of recent studies, digital marketing is more effective than traditional marketing, and users are more willing to use digital marketing than traditional marketing. So, this article shows different kinds of research, such as quantitative and qualitative analyses and case studies that can be found in databases like Web of Science and Scopus. This helps readers understand the topic better.


Findings: The Review provides a literature review of who is willing to use digital marketing over traditional marketing.


Originality/value:  The review discusses theories, methodologies, context, findings, and future scope of research. 


Research limitations: Limitations were found when picking relevant journals and articles. Some journals need authentic access to get in, so data can't be analyzed from these articles. Also, this study is limited with rural context.


Social implications:  The use of digital marketing technologies and tools that can be used more effectively to improve the traditional marketing strategy because the word "digitalization" has started to take over the world. Digital marketing tools are one of the best ways to connect with customers and draw them in.


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