Corporate Governance and its Impact on the Efficiency of Internal Control on Non-Profit Government Institutions: an Exploratory Study




Corporate Governance, Internal Control, Auditor


Purpose: The aim of the research is to define the importance of Corporate Governance (CG) and its role in providing appropriate environment to operate the internal control system (ICS) to achieve goals of non-profit governmental institutions.


Theoretical framework: The research included defining the nature of corporate governance in light of the internal control systems in Iraqi government institutions that are not aimed at achieving profits.


Design/methodology/approach: The research was implemented on a sample of non-profit governmental institutions. The researcher used the descriptive method in the theoretical aspect and analysis in the applied aspect. The research reached a set of conclusions, and the research came out with a set of recommendations that serve its objectives.


Findings: The study concluded that there is a relationship between the main and secondary variables, and we conclude from the results that activity of the higher administrations should not be limited to directing the dissemination of the concepts and principles of institutional governance.


Research, Practical & Social implications: In light of the adoption of the concept and principles of institutional governance. And efficient ICS that are able to lead the modernization trends in the public service without giving way to the spread of administrative and financial corruption, which has become a scourge that afflicts the body of the Iraqi government institutions at the present time.


Originality/value: This study is one of the limited studies that dealt with corporate governance in non-profit organizations in Iraq, in light of the high levels of administrative and financial corruption, as well as weak internal control systems.


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